About 3D Aerospace

3D Aerospace is a young and innovative company based in Europe (France), specialising in 3D High Definition Maps. The purpose of 3D Aerospace is to build a new generation of GNSS receivers capable of localising static and dynamic assets with an accuracy of 30cm.

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3D Aerospace Mission statement

We deliver enhanced real-time navigation services based on terrestrial and space observations.

  • We use the strength of an open community to collect real time data
  • We use artificial intelligence responsively to provide outstanding services to humans
  • We constantly update our maps to reflect the latest road modifications

3D Aerospace is proposing a business solution made of a hardware receiver, eHermes, and software capabilities, eMAPs, to satisfy the bespoke needs of our customers.


By fusing raw measurements from the GNSS, IMU and cameras modules, the level of accuracy, integrity and robustness of the estimated position, velocity, acceleration and altitude of the vehicle will outshine any smartphones or Personal Navigation Devices.


The objective of eHermes is to achieve a lane-level accuracy including in challenging urban environment to enable autonomous driving future cars.

Multi-constellation multi-frequency receiver

Air Quality sensors

Decimetre position accuracy

Camera Visual perception

3D Mapping capability

Upgradable software

Collect & Share Information

Energy harvesting


eMAPs is a cloud-database system, containing all kind of information such as real-time measurements related to traffic, air quality or temperature as well as 3D Aerospace up-to-date 3D maps.


eMAPs aims at maximising the local data captured by the eHermes platforms coupled with the stream of continuous information collected by the Copernicus’ satellites, to offer expanding, evolving, enhanced maps (eMAPs).


eMAPs could be tuned to address specific customers’ needs such as the management of a vehicle fleet or other specific needs.

Active community

eMAPs is a communty-based service. Data collected by each eMAPer are shared anonymously in real-time within the community for the benefit of all.

Cloud computing

The elasticity and the computing power of the cloud are used in eMAPs to provide real-time services.

Responsible use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used extensively by 3D aerospace to provide better traffic modelling.

Continuous Learning and Development

eMAPs functionalities have been designed to be continuously evolving and improving based on the continuous flow of information collected by the community and by eHermes platforms.


eMAPs intend to be available on laptops, in-dash navigation systems, smartphones and tablets.

Enabling the future

In combination with eHermes, eMAPs will become a key enabler of future autonomous applications such as cars and drones.

Business Implementation

The current business plan of 3D Aerospace is articulated in three main development stages.

Phase 1: Development of the fundamental elements of eHermes receiver. Deployment objective of 100 eHermes v0.1 (minimum viable product) to start initial eMAPs services.

Phase 2: Consolidation of eHermes receiver capability (5G, energy harvesting, air quality monitoring). Deployment objective of 1000 eHermes v1 (minimum viable product) to mobile app deployment to start real-time services.

Phase 3: Commercialization of the mass-market eHermes receiver v2. Initial deployment objective of 1 million eHermes v2.