About 3D Aerospace

3D Aerospace is a young and innovative company based in Europe (France), specialising in 3D High Definition Maps. The purpose of 3D Aerospace is to build a new generation of GNSS receivers capable of localising static and dynamic assets with an accuracy of 30cm.

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3D Aerospace products, eHermes and eMAPs, have the potential to be a game-changer in a multitude of applications.


eHermes will increase the accuracy, robustness and the integrity of the vehicle position enabling autonomous cars.

Free navigation services

eMAPs, our cloud-based dynamic maps, will be highly precise, reflecting real time traffic, pollution and weather information to our customers. eMAPs application will be freely available.

Fleet Management

By combining eHermes and eMAPs, 3D Aerospace offers fleet management solutions entirely tuned to our customers’ needs in term of fleet size, types of support required (vehicle tracking, navigation optimization, fuel saving, mileage monitoring…) for any types of four-wheel vehicles.


eHermes can be used as a car black box instrument, recording the accidental scene instants previous to the vehicle crash, enhancing the insurance claim process as well as reducing false accusations.