The wine industry is facing many challenges today and global warming has a strong impact on wine production. With DeVines, 3D Aerospace offers an all-in-one solution to monitor vineyard activity in real time and with ease. DeVines is a complete decision support tool based on state-of-the-art technology developed by 3D Aerospace. With the precision of these services, DeVines offers a solution to sustainably limit the use of pesticides in the vineyard.

Our services

Our services

Veraison and yield tracking

DeVines provides accurate veraison and yield tracking services to enable growers to anticipate the maturity of the grapes and subsequently the harvest.

Activity management

Thanks to its intuitive smartphone application, the farm manager can have a global vision of the activity of his employees in real time and can organize the tasks better.

Missing vine detection

DeVines offers a real-time detection of missing vines in the vineyard as well as their precise and geolocalized mapping in the plot.



Ehermes receiver

The eHermes receiver is suitable for all vehicles, from tractors to quads. Once installed, it is autonomous and can start detecting vines. Connected to GPS and Galileo satellites, the eHermes is able to geo-locate and map each vineyard to provide unparalleled data accuracy. Each time it passes through the vineyard, the eHermes updates the images and data collected to provide the winegrower with real-time analysis.


The data collected in the plot are automatically sent to the cloud to be analyzed by algorithms and artificial intelligence. This AI allows to analyze the vineyard tree by tree and to identify anomalies. It facilitates all processes in support of the human eyes thanks to a finer analysis of the environment to the nearest millimeter.

Smartphone application

The DeVines application, available on smatphone and computer, offers an intuitive interface highlighting important information. Connected to the cloud, it is updated in real time with an alert notification system. As a decision support and vineyard analysis tool, it is useful for both the manager and the winegrowers.