About 3D Aerospace

3D Aerospace is a young and innovative company based in Europe (France), specialising in 3D High Definition Maps. The purpose of 3D Aerospace is to build a new generation of GNSS receivers capable of localising static and dynamic assets with an accuracy of 30cm.

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Real-time information

Envision an active community of millions of cars collecting and sharing valuable real time information such as traffic, accidents, road works, air quality, locations of potholes or speed cameras.


with an unmatched accuracy…

eHermes, 3D Aerospace IoT platform, will localise any vehicles with 30cm accuracy providing unmatched navigation services to all vehicle drivers.


in a 3D community-built map.

The 3D Aerospace community, the eMAPers, will continuously collect information of their local environment which will be used by 3D Aerospace to constantly verify the correctness of the maps and to update them accordingly if necessary. 3D Aerospace will propose freely life-time map updates to the community.

This is What We’re Doing

3D Aerospace is currently designing a new generation of Personal Navigation Device, eHermes, using primarily the outstanding performances of Galileo, the European GNSS constellation. 3D Aerospace ambitions to deploy millions of eHermes worldwide to enter into a new age of digital maps: eMAPs.

Galileo: at the heart of eHermes

Although 3D Aerospace platform, eHermes, is a multi-constellation & multi-frequency receiver, Galileo is the privileged GNSS constellation used for Position, Velocity Acceleration calculations.

Thanks to Galileo unique performances, a robust and accurate decimetre positioning service can be offered to 3D Aerospace customers.

eMAPs: real-time, multi-layers, freely available, 3D maps

In eMAPs, information collected by the eMAPers (owner of an eHermes platform) will be merged with data collected from space thanks to the European Copernicus satellites to provide the most accurate database to date. The ambition of eMAPs is not only to provide the best real-time information such as traffic information but also being able to forecast accurately the future.

eHermes: an enabler for full self-driving cars

Several key technologies will be merged into the eHermes platform to enable the introduction of full self-driving cars. Thanks to eHermes, position accuracy will be improved to decimetre level including in challenging urban environments.


3D Map: Number of Kilometres mapped in 3D


eMAPers: Size of the community


eHermes: Number of deployed platforms


% of Completion of Phase 1

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